Dec 1, 2016

The founding principle of all the activities of Zdenek and Michaela Bakala is, truly, the courage, which must, according to their belief, always go hand in hand with responsibility.
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Paula Murphy Ives

Foundation’s overall management and projects

Paula Murphy Ives is the Director of the Zdenek and Michaela Bakala Foundation based in Geneva, Switzerland. 

She has worked extensively in the area of programme and management in the non-profit sector and the United Nations system in Geneva for over a decade.  She has spent over five years with the Canadian federal government both in Ottawa and with the Department of Foreign Affairs in Singapore and in Switzerland.  She has done humanitarian and conflict resolution related work in Turkana, Kenya, South Africa, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.  

She completed her Ph.D studies in International Politics at Cambridge University and D.E.S at the Graduate Institute in Geneva. She is a Canadian and Swiss national and lives with husband and four children in Geneva, Switzerland.

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