Dec 1, 2016

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Radovan Šrámek - report


September 2013 – July 2014 (ongoing)


Institute Le Rosey




After being in Le Rosey for one and a half year, my impressions are only getting better. I have spent an amazing portion of my life in a friendly multicultural environment, while significantly improving my spoken English, as well as French. Although my stay was filled with a lot of learning experience, the time spent here flew by rapidly. 


Before I even knew about Le Rosey Institute, I started learning French at my previous school Opengate. After I found out about my admission to Le Rosey, I intensified my French study and tried to get my level of speaking as high as possible. This language is a very important part of Switzerland culture and I hoped to make impression with an adequate ability to talk and understand. 


My arrival to Le Rosey has been easier than expected. Although the boarding life has been something new to me, it was very easy to get used to and to actually enjoy. The multicultural collective has accepted me straight away and I have made many great friends. It was an unforgettable experience to spend my first day as a boarding student.




When I chose my subjects I decided to go along the sciences/mathematics path, taking classes like physics, economics and chemistry. In my first year, I was obliged to take one subject in French, which I did not feel ready to use as a language to study in. I decided to choose Geography to be learnt in French, though he language barrier did have affected my grades. The approach to learning was different than what I was used to. The whole year group is divided into very small classes for every subject (8-12 students), making the teaching ever more effective. The teachers as well as the students talking in English was something hard to get used to, but I had the advantage of my previous school’s focus on the importance of teaching English to their students. What also encourage me was the support and the help of my classmates who themselves have been in the same situation as me and were willing to assist whenever I needed them to.

The amount of work we received slowly got bigger month by month, and is yet to increase. So far I have not been struggling to complete the work due on time and present it on an expected level of quality. I hope to keep that up in the future years.


Even though I am usually quiet and shy, I have never had problem with making friends. Le Rosey student’s friendly atmosphere made that task even easier. I have met people coming from almost the most unexpected parts of the world, as well as many other nationalities. That has helped me to open my mind to other ways of thinking and looking at the world.

During my free time I try to participate in some extracurricular activities. The most common ones are the school debates, talks or meetings. Le Rosey never fails to offer an admirable amount of these activities and I never hesitate to sign up for the ones I am interested in. There are often visits to CERN, which is located nearby and I am really pleased to go and see the admired complex. Along with that, I was one of the people founding the science forum, which was a group of students exchanging their knowledge about science that was not included in the current curriculum. I also joined a programming course to improve my IT abilities. To conclude, I also played in the school’s orchestra several times and I preformed on some concerts while playing solo piano. 



Radovan Šrámek - photos

RadovanSramek photo 2014 I
Radovan Sramek photo 2014 III
Radovan Sramek photo 2014 II

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